Headband Stack Gcode Generator

This page will help you generate a stack of these , in ready to print gcode:

The reason I made this is because slicing a stack that separates easily with minimal cleanup proved to be very tricky, and I want to share to hopefully improve other makers' productivity.

The trick was to introduce a tiny amount of support material of extra-thin extrusion width, between the headbands, to get good separation. This makes the bands easy to separate, and the support material should be easily knocked off; much easier than prying apart and being left with sharp edges to clean up.

The gcode should be compatible with Marlin firmware based printers:

- Bed size of at least 200x200 (see table for Z)
- 0.4mm nozzle
- tested with PLA/PLA+, but other filament may work (weight estimates will be off)
- tested on Wanhao duplicator i3, and Prusa i3

Stack height metrics

No. Headbands Approx Filament length/volume Approx Filament weight Approx print time Z height
3 10544.8mm (25.4cm3) 31.7g 1 hours and 57 minutes 18mm
5 17613.7mm (42.4cm3) 53.0g 3 hours and 15 minutes 30mm
10 35319.8mm (85.0cm3) 106.2g 6 hours and 30 minutes 60mm
15 53012.3mm (127.5cm3) 159.4g 9 hours and 45 minutes 90mm
20 70705.6mm (170.1cm3) 212.6g 13 hours and 0 minutes 120mm
25 88398.9mm (212.6cm3) 265.8g 16 hours and 15 minutes 150mm
30 106092.3mm (255.2cm3) 319.0g 19 hours and 30 minutes 180mm

Select the number of head bands in the stack

Select the first layer bed temp (deg C)

Select the first layer hotend temp (deg C)

Select the normal bed temp (deg C)

Select the normal hotend temp (deg C)

Optionally add an offset to the home position. Use this to adjust where it will print on your bed.
By default the print is hard up against left and front so it fits on 200x200 beds.
***WARNING*** Positive values will move the stack closer to the edge (or off) the front/left of the bed - it's probably not what you want unless you have a weird setup - negative values move it further onto the bed
If you have more space, or it's not quite in your printable area, use this.
X Home Offset: mm Positive shifts stack LEFT, and Negative RIGHT.
Y Home Offset: mm Positive shifts stack FORWARD, and Negative BACK.

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